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  • Daytek Fold Down Clothesline Daytek Fold Down Clothesline

    Daytek Fold Down Clothesline

    Daytek is a brand known for manufacturing various household products, including clotheslines. A "Daytek Fold Down Clothesline" is a foldable and retractable clothesline manufactured by Daytek.

    $92.00 - $152.00

  • Clothesline Clothesline


    A clothesline is a simple and practical device used for drying clothes by hanging them outdoors. It typically consists of a length of cord or wire stretched between two points, such as two poles or attachment points on buildings. Clotheslines offer a natural and energy-efficient way to dry clothes, utilising the warmth and airflow of the outdoors.

    $50.00 - $80.00

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