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  • Butt Hinges Butt Hinges

    Butt Hinges

    Butt Hinges are used to attach and enable the movement of doors, gates and other objects that require pivoting or swinging action.




    D-Latchkit for all type of fence Gates


  • Viper gravity Latch - Double sided Viper gravity Latch - Double sided

    Viper gravity Latch - Double sided

    SafeTech Viper Gravity Latch - Double Sided is a latch used in fencing and gate applications. This latch system is designed to secure gates, ensuring they remain closed and latched securely when not in use. The latch uses a gravity-operated system that automatically engages when the gate is closed. This mechanism ensures that the gate remains securely latched without requiring additional manual steps to lock it. This latch system is accessible and operable from both sides of the gate, allowing it to be opened or closed from either direction. It offers convenience and ease of use for individuals on both sides of the gate. These latches are commonly used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings where secure gate closure is essential.


  • Coil Nail 2.5X57mm (Box of 30)

    Coil Nail 2.5X57mm (Box of 30)

    "Coil Nail 2.5X57mm Box" containing coil nails with a diameter of 2.5mm and a length of 57mm. These nails are typically used with pneumatic nail guns for applications in construction, carpentry, roofing, or framing where rapid and efficient nail installation is needed.


  • Gate Nail Coil 2.5x35mm

    Gate Nail Coil 2.5x35mm

    These gate nails are designed to provide a strong and secure hold for gate components, ensuring durability and stability in gate construction. They are commonly used by carpenters, contractors, or individuals involved in gate installation or repair projects. The length 35mm offer versatility in securing different parts of the gate or working with varying thicknesses of wood or materials during gate installation or repair.


  • Corner Channel 60x3MM Corner Channel 60x3MM

    Corner Channel 60x3MM

    Corner Channel 60x3MM is a structural component shaped like a channel, with one side measuring 60MM in Width and having a thickness of 3MM. These channels are commonly used in construction as framing elements, especially at corners, providing structural support and reinforcement where walls intersect or meet. These Channels are suitable for 50MM Sleepers.   They come in different Lengths as mentioned below 600MM 900MM 1200MM 

    $16.20 - $76.80

  • WPC Black Steel Screws 304 (Pack of 100)

    WPC Black Steel Screws 304 (Pack of 100)

    Black steel screws for WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) are screws specifically designed for use with WPC materials, such as composite decking or cladding, that mimic the appearance of wood but are a blend of wood fibers and plastic. These screws are typically made of steel and have a black coating or finish to complement the aesthetics of WPC materials, providing a visually appealing look when fastening or securing WPC boards. They are engineered to resist corrosion and weathering while offering a strong hold when attaching WPC components together.


  • Framing Nail 3.2x90MM (Box of 75)

    Framing Nail 3.2x90MM (Box of 75)

    "Framing Nail 3.2x90mm" has a diameter of 3.2 millimetres and a length of 90 millimetres, specifically designed for use in framing construction. Framing nails are available in various lengths and gauges to accommodate different framing needs and materials. They are typically larger and more robust than nails used for finishing or trim work, as they need to provide strong and durable connections in the structural elements of a building.


  • M/Bracket 40x40 D/Lug Black

    M/Bracket 40x40 D/Lug Black

    This "M/Bracket 40x40 D/Lug Black" is a support bracket with dimensions 40x40, M shape, and a lug feature, commonly used for various mounting applications, such as shelves, countertops and other fixtures. The black colour specification suggests its appearance or finish.


  • PFC Channel 60x3MM PFC Channel 60x3MM

    PFC Channel 60x3MM

    C Channel 60x3MM is 60MM in width and made from material with a thickness of 3MM. These channels are widely used in residential construction and steel fabrication due to their versatility and strength in various load-bearing applications. These Channels are suitable for 50MM Sleepers. The come in different Lengths as mentioned below 600MM 800MM 900MM 1200MM 

    $14.00 - $32.40

  • Safetech Gate Handle Safetech Gate Handle

    Safetech Gate Handle

    The Safetech Gate Handles have been supremely designed to meet the users demands. They are very easy to install, ergonomically designed and will compliment any gate they are fitted to.The Safetech Gate Handle is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing gate handle on the market. Not only does the Safetech handle offer functionality, it looks good doing so. Because of the design of the Safetech handle, its sleek lines and stylish curves not only offer unparalleled visual appeal, they also offer more clearance for your knuckles and hand. Specifications: Materials Engineered Polymers, Rust Resistant Stainless-Steel Fasteners Pack Quantity (Pieces) 1 Colour Black Application Aluminium, Steel, Timber or Vinyl Gates


  • Timber Saw Blade 185mm

    Timber Saw Blade 185mm

    A-Grade 185mm timber saw blade is a circular cutting blade designed for use with a power saw or a circular saw specifically used for cutting timber or wood materials. The 185mm is the diameter of the blade. These blades typically have carbide-tipped teeth or other high-quality materials to efficiently cut through wood fibers.


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