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  • Stabila 200mm 80 AS Spirit Level

    Stabila 200mm 80 AS Spirit Level

    The Stabila 200mm 80 AS Spirit Level is a smaller-sized level ideal for tasks requiring precise and accurate levelling on smaller surfaces and in tight spaces. Stabila is renowned for producing high-quality levels known for their accuracy and durability, making this tool suitable for a range of levelling applications in construction, carpentry, and DIY projects.


  • Level 500mm Level 500mm

    Level 500mm

    A 500mm level is often used for various construction, carpentry, or DIY projects where a more extended reach is needed to ensure accurate leveling across relatively larger surfaces. It provides a balance between portability and coverage, making it suitable for medium-scale tasks such as hanging cabinets, installing fixtures, leveling appliances, or checking the straightness of shorter spans in construction or renovation work.


  • Level 300mm Level 300mm

    Level 300mm

    A 300mm level is commonly used for smaller projects, such as installing shelves, cabinets, or frames, and for checking the levelness of surfaces in more confined or limited areas where a longer level might be less practical. It provides accuracy over shorter distances and is handy for tasks requiring precise alignment within a restricted space.


  • Level 1M Level 1M

    Level 1M

    A 1-meter level is a common size used for various construction and carpentry tasks, providing a longer span for more accurate leveling of larger surfaces. These levels are used to ensure accuracy in installing objects horizontally, such as shelves, cabinets, frames and checking the levelness of floors, walls and other structural components during construction or remodelling projects.


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