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  • Hammer


    This is a handheld tool used for tasks such as to deliver an impact force to an object or surface. It consists of a weighted head attached to a handle. This Hammer features a flat striking surface on one end and a V-shaped split claw on the other for extracting nails.


  • Last stock! Claw Hammer 20oz

    Claw Hammer 20oz

    OX 20-ounce claw hammer is a versatile tool suitable for driving and removing nails, as well as for various medium to heavy-duty tasks in carpentry, construction, or home improvement projects. The added weight compared to a lighter hammer provides increased driving force, making it particularly useful for tougher jobs while still offering the claw feature for nail removal or prying tasks.


  • Last stock! 24oz Claw Hammer

    24oz Claw Hammer

    Spear Jackson 24oz claw hammer is a heavy-duty hand tool featuring a 24-ounce (approximately 680 grams) steel head with a flat striking surface on one side and a curved claw for nail removal on the other. This robust hammer is commonly used in carpentry and construction for driving larger nails or striking objects, offering increased force and leverage due to its weight, aiding in efficient hammering and nail extraction tasks.


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