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  • Surface Mount 90MM Square Base Plate Bollard

    Surface Mount 90MM Square Base Plate Bollard

    Product Description: A quality product manufactured from hot dip galvanised steel to provide an easy to clean, long-life surface which is virtually maintenance free under regular conditions. The 90mm Surface Mount Bollard is perfect for surfaces which can't be core drilled or concrete areas that have already been poured and bollards are being added afterwards.   This Bollard ensures clean lines and a corporate look. The bollard is easy to install, all you need is a drill and a 14mm drill bit. Fast, strong, economical and good looking. This bollard ticks the boxes Specifications: Material: Galvanised Steel Colour: Powder Coated Yellow w/ Class 1 Red Reflective Tape Weight: 6.55kg (NET Weight) 7.2kg (Gross Weight) Height: 900mm, 1200mm Wall Thickness: 2mm Diameter: Pole: 90mm  Base: 225mm Base: 225mm diameter 7mm thickness4 mounting holes 16mm in diameter

    $62.00 - $80.00

  • Rubber Wheel Stop Rubber Wheel Stop

    Rubber Wheel Stop

    Product Description: Length: 1650mm, Height: 100mm, Width: 150mm AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 compliant Hi Vis yellow reflective panel High Grade Rubber A-Class Rubber wheel stop is compliant with AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 and manufactured with high grade recycled rubber to provide the most durable yet cost effective solution for your carpark spaces. The rubber wheel stopper features bright safety yellow reflective surface ensures high visibility in both day and night time. The durable rubber wheel stops has a solid molded construction built to withstand any weather conditions. There are 3 holes on the wheel stopper for secure installation with bolts and impact drill. The parking wheel stopper will surely add the extra safety measure needed to protect your vehicles and property.


  • Rubber Corner Protector

    Rubber Corner Protector

    RUBBER CORNER PROTECTOR Reflective panels DIY installation Strong recycled rubber Safety colour scheme Rubber corner protector provides effective protection against damage in sensitive areas. The protector is designed to minimise damage to material and harm to personnel. The colour scheme is highly visible with reflective strips. Made from strong recycled rubber. Dimensions(WxHxL):100x100x800mm Weight:1kg Material:Recycled Rubber Colour / Finish:Black and yellow


  • Traffic Cone Witches Hats

    Traffic Cone Witches Hats

    These  Reflective Orange traffic safety cones, commonly called witches hats are moulded from a flexible PVC material and are ideal for factories, construction sites, car parks and many other applications. Traffic Cone Features: Flexible PVC material Highly visible  Relective Sleeve for advanced visibility Superior Fluorescent colour and U.V. Stabilised to minimise fading. Ideal for factories, construction sites and car parks Traffic Cone Specifications: Height: 450mm Base Size: 270x270mm Weight: 1.05kg


  • Ratchet Tie Down Strap 50mmx9mm Ratchet Tie Down Strap 50mmx9mm

    Ratchet Tie Down Strap 50mmx9mm

    OX ratchet tie down strap is used to secure and fasten items for transport, in cargo hauling, securing loads on trailers, trucks and in other transportation settings. These ratchets are an integral part of tie-down straps and webbing systems and serve to tighten and lock the straps in place securely.


  • SPEED BUMP- Middle Section-1000*330*45mm SPEED BUMP- Middle Section-1000*330*45mm

    SPEED BUMP- Middle Section-1000*330*45mm

    Rubber Speed Bumps- Middle Section Heavy-duty rubber construction - long-lasting. Colour- Black and Yellow Compliance- AS2890.1:2004.    


  • SPEED BUMP END CAP- 170x330x45mm SPEED BUMP END CAP- 170x330x45mm

    SPEED BUMP END CAP- 170x330x45mm

    Speed Bump End Cap Size - 170x330x45mm High Colour: Black and Yellow


Safety and security are overarching principles that guide the design and management of spaces to protect people and assets. Bollards, as physical elements, play a role in both traffic management and enhancing security, particularly in urban environments where the risk of vehicle-related incidents is a concern.


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