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Product Description:

AAC Panel stands for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel. The main materials of AAC panel are silicon sand, cement, lime etc. Reinforced with anti-stain processed steel bar, the concrete panel with many air holes was formed after high-temperature, high-pressure protection with steam. It’s a new type constructional material with excellent functions. There are patents of Germany and Sweden and Japan included in the production equipments. The complete production process, from mixing raw material, anti-stain processing of steel bar, organising into frame, pouring paste on, cutting, steaming and pressing to surface processing, is calculated accurately with computer program and has a rigid QC control.

Raw Materials: Silicon Sand, Cement, Lime, Gypsum
Dry Density: 400kg/m3-600kg/m3
Usage: Exterior Wall, Interior Wall, Floor, Roof, Fence, Cladding, Noise Wall
Standard: AS/NZS, ASTM, EN, GB

Certification: CMI (CM40381)

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