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Product Description:

Icaro Ultra AC2000 Operator 230 V is for sliding gates up to 2000 kg with relative encoder. Leaf speed 9 m/min . Magnetic limit switch. Equipped with mechanical safety clutch, torque management via D-Track technology and gear unit in oil bath. Control unit for communication with U-Link protocol and with tamper-proof function.

Product Specifications:

Power consumption 750 W
Frequency of use very intensive
Max. door/gate weight 2000 kg
Protection rating IP55
Gate panel speed 9 m/min
Type of limit switch Magnetic
Pinion module 4
Motor voltage 230 V


Slowdown Yes
Control unit LEO B CBB L02
Locking Mechanical
Board power supply 230 V
Release Lever-operated with personal key
Impact reaction Mechanical clutch + encoder

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