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A Class Premium Sliding Gate Motor

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SKU: A Class Gate Motor 800


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    • Load Bearing Capacity 800Kg
    • Power Input 230V AC
    • Intelligent Control Board
    • Manufactured to Australian Standards
    • Includes 2 Remotes, Mounting Plate and Plug
    • Silent Operation
    • Power Efficient


    Our A Class Sliding Gate Motor ensures smooth and reliable operation for your gates, delivering high performance even in the most demanding conditions. Built with premium materials, this motor is designed to withstand harsh weather and provide long-lasting durability. Enjoy the peace of mind with its ultra-quiet operation, ensuring minimal noise disturbance. Simplify your setup process with our user-friendly installation guide and intuitive design. Equipped with state-of-the-art safety mechanisms, including auto-stop and reverse functions to prevent accidents. Effortlessly open and close your gate from a distance with the included remote control system. Save on energy costs with our motor's energy-efficient design, reducing power consumption without compromising performance.


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